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We intend to coach and equip young women on life, values, and significance


Enthuse the young women to be confident in who they are, make sound decisions, and navigate life effectively.


By learning to value their essence and being, they learn to have healthy relationships and continously build themselves and each other up.


Inspiring purposeful living and enthusiasm for positive influence.


First Ever Almah (ID) Interactive Day


I was at an event on Friday June 29 afternoon at Daystar University called Almah (ID) Interactive Day. You missed out on a lot, but I will do my best to narrate it for you as beautifully as it happened.

First thing I noticed was a banner at the podium that had a tree design but not like any I have seen before, I was curious about it but then the event started and I had to concentrate on the going on of the event. Now this is where the beauty of the event got intense. There was a panel of four women, they gave different funny instances of their twenties, and my goodness they were so real it felt like we all live life from a written script.

On music they had very different tastes and I was like who listens to Kenny Rogers anymore. But, it was a favorite of their time and us we have Wizkid. By the way, did you know crop tops were called tumbo-cut decades back? Well, now you know and wearing one was scandalous and the height of fashion back in the days. That had me laughing so hard I missed some more clothing stories.

Then Lady Laimani came on stage, well I have heard of her but never seen her, well let me just say…goals. Anyway, what she said was more important as it represented exactly what I have been feeling but have not been able to articulate. Let me mention a few ones I remember and relate to. I know exactly what I do not want in life but for the life of me, I cannot tell you exactly what I want and how to get it. You know clear yet confused. Now, I went for zip lining the other weekend, remember, but I am afraid to apply for the job and even more of being called for an interview and we both know how I need a job. As in, I am daring but fearful of that which matters more. Then, you know I love saying I do not care what will they do, yet I turn around and ask what did they do or what did they say? Well, that is contradicting what I say every time. I do not care yet I care.

Well it was a number of reflections but I can tell you at the time I laughed because I did not remember I am unsure of what I want, what I should be daring about, and whether I care or not. But I can tell you this, after taking time and thinking it through I decided I need clarity in who I am. Remember that tree banner I was curious about, it is their logo and the program equips us to be productive all round. That part I will listen more in their next Almah (ID) Interactive Day, which I received a flier about, it is on 16 August at All Saints Cathedral. We will go yes, yes.

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A message from Lady Laimani Bidali, Founder of Alabastron Network Trust

The twenties are a very important decade in shaping our lives and life outcomes. I am not saying that you cannot correct them later, you can. However, why not save yourself a few years of heartache, regret, and pain. Why not shorten your learning curve?

That is why Almah Life is here, tailor-made for young women in consideration to the struggles and fears they have that affect their future.

The Twenties are about self-discovery (identity), self-esteem (value) and defining your life (significance)

It is about who am I? Who am I becoming? And why?

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“Every girl, no matter where she is from, deserves the opportunity to develop the promise inside of her.” - Michelle Obama


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